Mechanical Mods

We carry a wide range of styles, finishes, sizes and colors of mechanical mods. Drop by Vape First in Tustin and we'll help you hand-select the right mechanical mod that suits you best!


Our inventory is ever-evolving as we cycle new products in and out on a weekly basis. To check current availability, contact us directly at (657) 210-4388. Inquiries, special requests and orders welcome! If we don't have it, we'll find it for you!

Copper FM Mod, Copper Penny Mod, 4nine Mod, Copper Manhattan, Copper XXIX and Copper Cartel

Smoktech Magneto Telescopic Mod

Smoktech Magneto Telescopic Mod

26650 King Mod Black

26650 Black King Mod (with 26650 Tobh Atty RDA)

Amerivape Manhattan

Amerivape Manhattan Mods in Stainless Steel, Black and Brass

26650 Chiyou Megan

Mojo 26650 Chiyou Megan Mod

Copper Nemesis, King, Akuma

Copper Nemesis Mod, Copper King Mod, Copper Akuma Mod

Nemesis, Vanilla, Manhattan, Paragon

Copper Nemesis Mod, Copper Vanilla Mod, Copper Manhattan Mod with Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap, Paragon Mod, 18650 Copper Hades Mod

Black Cartel Mod, Black Plume Veil

The Cartel Mod Black with Black Plume Veil RDA

Black Akuma Mod, Black Plume Veil

Black/Copper Akuma Mod with Black Plume Veil RDA

18650 Hades Mod

18650 Hades Mod